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Projects in Engineering Statistics

Statistical Analysis for Engineering Projects

Engineering Statistics focuses on how statistical tools are integrated into the engineering problem-solving process, in such aspects as design of experiment, quality control, reliability and availability, probabilistic design and so on. Following is a sample of projects we have done pertaining to Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Ocean Engineering for our clients:

  • To assess and increase computer security, statistical models and procedures were developed to detect virtual intrusions for United States Air Force Research
  • In the area of electrical engineering, we took part in the development of a classifier method for Infrasound events with United States Army Research Laboratory
  • We have developed a statistical automated testing procedure, which has been utilized by United States Army-AET, Inc.
  • In the design and development of a structural bonding process, a Statistical TCAD Analysis for Design for Manufacturing (STADIUM) methodology analysis was provided for National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)-AET
  • We were consulted by Advanced Research Project Agency for statistical analysis on manufacturing automation and design engineering
  • A predictive Bicmo process design for manufacturing was developed as a result of our involvement with Sematech Center for Excellence -- Florida Tech.
  • We were approached by Florida High Technology and Industry Council, and have provided effective statistical solutions in optimizing integrated circuit layouts for our client.
  • We have provided a probabilistic analysis to measure the reliability of a transformation series, DME 700, for our client, the Rockwell Corporation in a project of improving aircraft safety.
  • We have conducted software testing and reliability research for years and came up with efficient testing procedures, which have been used by IBM-Florida Tech.
  • In the area of ocean engineering, we have worked with Board of Commissioners Sebastian Inlet in providing statistical analysis of the sediment flow in the Sebastian Inlet.