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Biostatistics and Medical Analysis


Statistical Analysis of RCT

We provided statistical analysis of Reflex Cough Test (RCT), which is a treatment for a pulmonary disease involving chronic obstruction of the airways. In particular, we

  • Carried out various statistical analyses in determining the effectiveness of the treatment with Pneumoflex Systems, L.L.C.
  • Provided power analysis for the Pneumoflex study as well as statistical analysis for Cough Reflex and Associated Neurological Responses of Stroke Victims with Dysphagia Systems, Inc.
  • Managed the initial stage of phase III statistical design for FDA approval with Florida Capital Network
  • Published our findings in the following articles:"The effect of tartaric acid-induced couph on pulmonary function in normal and asthmatic Humans" with W.R.Addinton et al., (American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation);"Effect of stroke location on the laryngeal cough reflex and pneumonia risk" with W.R. Addington et al. (Journal of Cough)


Statistical Analysis of Sona Pillow

Sona pillow is an FDA Certified sleep device for snoring/sleep apnea syndrome. We supported the study of determining the ability of this new invention by designing an efficient statistical experiment procedure and providing adequate biostatistical analysis with Neurology Group. Our findings, "Sleep apnea avoidance pillow effects on obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and snoring", with N. Zuberi et al. were published in Journal of Sleep and Breathing.


Statistical Analysis of ImagClear system

ImagClear Mammography review system is an FDA approved technology that allowing a radiologist to apply digital imaging techniques to the viewing, manipulation, and communication of film mammograms. We provided quantitative evaluations for ImagClear Mammography with DBA Systems and statistical assessment for the performance of PROMAM.


Projects with Heartland Kidney Network

We have provided statistical consultations for Heartland Kidney Network with significant contributions to various studies of Hemodialysis Adequacy, Mineral Metabolism,Cather Reduction, Anemia, Arterio-venous graft (AVG), Septicemia


Statistical Evaluation of Berg Balance Scale

The Berg Balance Scale (BBS) was developed to measure balance among older people with impairment in balance function by assessing the performance of functional task. We were approached by Cleveland Chiropractic College for statistical evaluation of the Inter-Reliability of BBS.


Statistical Analysis of Reopro (absiximab)

We have provided statistical analysis and assessment of Reopro (abciximab) for the Cardiology division in Holmes Regional Medical Center


Statistical Analysis of a Dermatology product

We participated in the development of a novel 5-product system with Dermatology Group for the reduction in appearance of facial wrinkles and folds by providing key statistical evaluation and analysis.