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Are you facing a data-related challenge or having an ambitious BI project in mind? We can tackle this task.


MLS IT Solution has been providing BI Consultancy and Development Services to small, medium, and enterprise clients for years. We help businesses convert their raw data into valuable insights in order to enable more accurate and informed decision making. Businesses can benefit greatly by implementing a strong BI Strategy to uncover new data relationships and discover new business opportunities, that can drive them ahead of their competition and increase operational performance and revenue. We provide a full range of BI Services from consultancy, to development of a tailored business intelligence solution.



  • BI Consulting Services At MLS IT Solution our team provides BI Consulting Services to clients to assist them in discovering data relationships and exploring new business opportunities. We help businesses to develop a powerful BI strategy and to understand how to convert their raw data into valuable insights and reports. Our team can implement self-service business intelligence tools that analyzes data from a multitude of sources, enabling them to take full advantage of their big data assets.
  • BI Development Services Our team can develop a strong Business Intelligence Environment, by developing data warehouses, implementing data cleansing processes, consulting on stack technologies and hardware. We have the development capabilities to meet your business requirements. We provide our customers with a robust, flexible and agile BI environment.
  • BI Data Visualization With data visualization, our team enable your business to spot changes in trends, markets, and consumer behaviors quickly, enabling your business to adapt strategies and processes, and be fully responsive to emerging opportunities, as well as quickly react to threats. We can provide your business with advanced self-service business intelligence platforms, with innovative dashboards and BI reporting tools, that will evolve your BI strategy, provide discovery and analytical insights, while ensuring your portal is secure and BI data is protected. We can also develop mobile versions of your solution, enabling you to access your dashboards from any device and any location.
  • BI Testing Services Upon implementing your BI Solution, we guarantee that it offers you high performance, and error free capabilities. We carry out thorough load and performance testing, ETL, data warehouse, and report testing, among other services.
  • BI Health Check Services If your business already has a BI Solution in place, our experienced team provides auditing, maintenance and support services. Our BI Health Check Service ensures you are utilizing your BI Solution to the best of its capabilities, as well as consulting on improvements and updates, that will advance your solutions capabilities.



  • Challenge – Unable to gather enough data for enhanced business intelligence. Our experiences team can provide data merging and integration services to ensure you are getting the best insights from your raw data, across multiple data sources.
  • Challenge – Current BI solution unable to meet growing business needs. Our team can implement or improve upon your BI Solution, ensuring it is tailored to your specific business needs and goals.
  • Challenge – Difficulty navigating BI dashboards and generating reports. We have a team of experienced, creative designers to provide you innovative user-friendly dashboards, test navigation, functionality, and your BI portals performance, to ensure high user adoption rates.




Businesses from all industry sectors can utilize their raw data and convert it into valuable business intelligence in order to explore new business opportunities, be responsive to consumer and market needs, and ultimately drive revenue. At MLS IT Solution we provide businesses with user friendly dashboards and BI Tools, which enables non-technical users to ask business, and performance questions in order to receive measurable, insightful, and valuable answers.

Our BI Consulting Team have experience in providing BI Services throughout a wide range of industries, and can assist your business in developing your BI Strategy :


BI Solutions for Retail/Ecommerce

Our consultancy and development team can help your business outperform your competitors’ by providing insights and valuable analytics data in regards to suppliers, store performance, marketing activities, omnichannel engagement and customer experiences. We bring multiple sources of data together, across all your organizations departments, to one single platform, and implement custom dashboards and reports that enable you to react quickly to changes in trends and take advantage of new business opportunities. With reporting that can provide LTV statistics, Revenue by customer segmentation, customer loyalty tracking and more, we provide businesses with a clear view of where their biggest ROI’s are, and where their opportunities are for growth.


BI Solutions for Banking and Financial Services

BI Tools and insights can help banks and finance companies streamline processes, reduce risk, improve operational efficiency, and help their employees manage their customer relationships more effectively. Our team can design develop and implement BI Software that can enable banks to better understand their customers experience, provide valuable customer segmentation to create more targeted marketing campaigns, and provide useful insights into opportunities or cross selling/upselling. BI Tools can track KPI’s and performance over departments, products or locations. We help enable a BI solution whereby banks can identify and assess risks, such as credit risk, interest rates and liquidity, and also provide valuable asset management insights.


BI Solutions for Manufacturing Industries

Business Intelligence Solutions can provide insight into a variety of business functions, to enable accurate and enhanced C-Level decision making processes. We can implement BI Reporting across Production, Sales, Finance, Quality Control, Procurement and HR Departments, to give businesses a full view of how each department is operating and performing, towards business goals and strategies. We create custom dashboards and data analytics reports that will provide businesses with insights into sales team’s performance, customer metrics, production volumes and procurement costs, damaged product numbers, machine downtimes, delayed shipment metrics, forecasting tools that will predict sales volumes and cash flow, shift workers performance and salaries as well as staff turnover rates.

The list of insightful data we can enable in your BI platform is endless. We tailor each platform to individual business requirements and goals. Let us help you realize the potential of your business’ raw data today. Contact us for a confidential consultation.