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We create IT solutions for data analytics that help our customers turn data-driven.


MLS IT Solution consultants and developers have been providing organizations with advanced data analytics tools, for 15 years, helping businesses to predict trends and opportunities, improve services and processes, and increase ROI on marketing and sales strategies, by converting real time and historical data into valuable insights. In providing data analytics services we provide tools that aid C-Level decision making processes that can drive businesses forward, increase consumer retention, and revenue. As well as providing tools to generate valuable insights, our team design and develop predictive modelling, accurate forecasting tools, bespoke dashboards for data visualization, and tailored and automated reporting solutions.  



We help businesses of all sizes with their data analytics projects, from first time adoption of analytics and reporting tools, for startup businesses, to enterprise solutions, including assistance with analytics and vast data management projects when working with vast data sets. 


Data Analysis Visualization and Dashboard Design

Our design and development team can create bespoke dashboards and custom analytics reports templates, to enable small, medium and enterprise business to visualize and generate progress reports, trends, conversion tracking, and more. Our team design both your businesses dashboard and reports around your KPI’s, goals and objectives, giving your business a clear, immediate view on your current performance, and insightful data on areas where you can improve on processes, and strategies. With custom dashboards that provide real time data analytics, we enable businesses to react quickly to changes and target their consumer markets more effectively.



Data Warehouse & Data Lake Development

Our team can develop a complete infrastructure, consisting of either Data Warehouse or Data Lake, creating a stable environment for our clients specific Data Analytics requirements. Our consulting team will assimilate your precise requirements to ensure your business has the most efficient and effective means of collecting and analyzing data sets for your organization's specific tasks.



Data Management and Integration Services

Our team understands the importance of a single platform to managing valuable data sourced across multiple enterprise solutions. We provide integration and data management services to assist businesses in managing data quality and accessibility, by implementing policies and rules to your solution, aligned with your data management processes.



Advanced Data Analytics Solutions

We enhance our clients’ ability to accurately forecast any threats or opportunities, by implementing predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions, based on complex algorithms.



Big Data Analytics

Our team provides a full range of services, enabling our clients to take full advantage of their organization's big data sets, leading to valuable insights to their customer's behaviors and interactions with their product/services provision.

Our consultancy team will analyze your business requirements and provide a unique concept to your organizations specific goals. Upon providing a Proof of Concept, we will then continue to design the architecture, then progress to implementation and providing technical support and maintenance.

Our development team have years of experience experience in the development of Big Data Analytics Solutions, utilizing Apache Hive, Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka, Amazon RedShift, Apache Storm, Hadoop, MLlib and more.



Data Analysis Outsourcing Services

At MLS IT Solution, we also provide data analytics services to our clients who prefer an outsourced solution. In these instances, our team will securely access clients’ data sets and infrastructure in order to perform the required data analytics services.






Data Analytics for Marketing

Our development team has a wealth of experience in providing end-to-end marketing data analytics solutions. We develop solutions that enable your organization’s marketing team to improve their analysis of campaign management and success, identify market trends and profitable insights, and better understand your customer experience in order to create more targeted and effective marketing strategies. Increase reporting and analysis of promotional activities, product performance and benefit from predictive analytics to stay ahead of your competitors.



Data Analytics for Sales

At MLS IT Solution, our team can help you transform your sales data into effective sales strategies. With advances sales analytics solutions, we can provide your sales team with custom dashboards, to easily analyze KPI related performance, revenue, opportunities, wins, and service/product performance. By gathering valuable data and turning it into useful insights, your team will easily evaluate sales opportunities, and identify areas to improve upon.



Data Analytics for Customer Service, Experience and Retention

We help provide our clients with a 360-degree view of their customer experience by providing advanced customer service analytics to measure aspects such as engagement, purchasing behavior, website engagement, as well as analyzing internal customer service performance. We enable our clients to deliver a unique and personal customer experience to ensure high customer satisfaction and retention rates.



Data Analytics for Performance Measuring and Management

Our team will evaluate and help you develop tailored, user friendly dashboards, to enable analysis of specific KPI’s for each of your organization's departments. Our custom dashboards will assist each individual employee track their own performance and increase their efficiency and meet deadlines and targets.



Data Analytics for HR

We provide tailored Human Resource Analytics and reporting, to increase visibility and measurement of important HR factors, such as sick days, employee turnover and talent tracking. We help develop custom proactive HR analytics to view and overcome HR, recruitment and staff challenges quickly and effectively. By implementing HR Analytics within your human resource department, we can help enable your business to align your workforce analytics with your organizational goals.



Data Analytics for Finance

We develop complex mathematical models, and algorithms, to assist businesses with historical and real time analytics for finance and accounting. Our team can assist in aligning financial data analytics capabilities to assist with specific tasks, such as improving working capital and cash flow management, enhancing predictive financial forecasting and reporting, and increasing financial risk management capabilities. By utilizing advanced finance analytics and insights we help enable your business to perform accurate and informed decision-making and improve business strategies, across senior management levels.



Data Analytics for Operations

Our team can help your organization increase decision making capabilities by transforming operational data into valuable insights; Analyze OR (operational research), improve organizational processes, and strategies, identify challenges, and enhance real -time reporting to achieve quick effective responses to business threats and risks.


Data Analytics Challenges and Solutions


Challenge- Limited Integration & Data Collection/Management :

    • Solution -  With Enterprise system integration, we provide our clients with one platform to collect, manage and process data, enabling your workforce to access and collaborate on tasks, bringing all departments together to work to same objectives

Challenge-Slow Reporting and Delayed Insights :

    • Solution -  We bring both historical and real time data together under one platform and can implement both ad-hoc and automated reporting and notification capabilities, ensuring you have access to the correct data at the exact time it is required.

Challenge- Complicated Dashboards, Report generation and Low User Adoption :

    • Solution-  We provide individuals and teams with user friendly dashboards, streamlining and simplifying data management processes, by automating routine daily tasks and reports. Our team also provides support, maintenance and training ensuring your workforce are informed and comfortable with your new platform and its capabilities.

Challenge- Missing Data and Reports :

    • Solution-  End User Training provides a unified process across your workforce to ensure effective data management in order to generate accurate reports. We also provide secure data management by implementing rules and access rights, aligned with your company’s security and data protection policies.


Talk to us today about your data analytics challenges and we will help you find a solution.