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Statistical Analysis for Business


Statistician Expert follows the philosophy building long-term relationships by ensuring clients' satisfaction. Our objective is to help corporate clients find solutions to complex business problems through the use of advanced statistical modeling techniques.

Some of our example projects in Business Finance and Marketing can be found in Projects in Business.

Our Capabilities

With enormous amounts of valuable data at disposal, it occurs to many firms that they lack the in-house resources to extract even more valuable information from the data. Statistician Expert develops sound statistical analysis to solve those business problems which might be beyond the scope of the clients' internal staff. We have a broad range of experience working with practical problems by applying a vast array of statistical and numerical methods.

All of our statisticians have Ph.d. or Master degree in Statistics, while having extensive research experience on projects with strong interdisciplinary nature, with respect to marketing, finance, economics, and etc.. However, we are not just academic statisticians, but rather we can speak to you in your language, and we can communicate our results clearly in the language. 


Sampling and Methodology Consulting

Clients often approach us with a bias toward a certain sampling or analytic methodology, lacking a complete understanding of the best way to reach their desired audience and answer their research questions. We can carefully design sampling procedures and methodologies that are unbiased, adaptive, random or stratified, efficiency-orient or accuracy-orient, depending on your need and resources.


Data Analysis

Statistician Expert has the ability to blend quantitative and qualitative analyses, consider from both classical and Bayesian perspective, and engage in statistical analyses of high complexity by adopting numerical techniques, Monte Carlo simulations, advanced machine learning algorithms and virtually many other relevant methodologies. Our analyst will use your data to generate practical insights for your firm and communicate the results in a very clear way. Our team is skilled in working with many analytical software programs, including but not limited to R, SAS, SPSS, MATLAB, MINITAB, STAT, EXCEL.



We offer per-project and hourly pricing, so that you will know the precise cost for our services before we begin working. There will be no hidden fees or surprises along the way. The initial consultation is free if you are uncertain about the prospect of hiring a statistical consultant or what the cost might be. We also pride on providing fast turn-around time and outstanding statistical services.



We greatly understand the importance of keeping data confidential. All communication, information, and data are dealt with as "Strictly Confidential" and no information will be released to any other person or third party. You retain all the property rights of your data and any results coming out of the statistical analysis. I will not ask or require any personal, financial or affiliation information from you.