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About us

We are well trained in statistical methodolody and statistical programming
Statistician Expert is a team trained professionally in advanced statistical methodologies and skilled in statistical programming, including but not limited to R, SAS, SPSS, Python, SQL and Excel.

Our team has a combined experience of over 55 years in both industry and academia, conducting quantitative analysis to solve real-world problems, in the fields of biostatistics, civil engineering, software engineering, electrical and computer engineering, DNA expert witness, forensic science, business, economics, and etc.

We provide the following services:

  • Statistical analysis plan
  • Design of experiments
  • Data analysis and management
  • Predictive modelling and data mining
  • Report development
  • Statistical consulting
  • Expert testimony

Besides, with many of our members' experience in teaching university-level statistics or related courses, we also offer short-term training and seminars on statistical techniques and trends.

Dealing with data has become more and more challenging with the development of  internet and the "cloud" technology. When you are feeling overwhelmed by the huge amount of data and rapid emerging statistical techniques, Statistician Expert is here to help customize and quantify your problem, and most importantly, determine the optimal statistical methodology to solve the problem. Here is a sample of some of the analytical tools with which we are familiar:

  • Bayesian Analysis
  • Various forms of regression analysis, including non-linear regression
  • Numerous parametric and non-parametric methods
  • Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
  • Clustering, principle components analysis, and factor analysis
  • Neural Networks with computational consideration
  • Longitudinal and panel data analysis
  • Various techniques for experimental design, including sequential sampling schemes.
  • Statistical power analysis for sample size determination
  • Multivariate analysis, such as MANOVA and MANCOVA
  • Markov chain Monte Carlo and similar methods
  • Various Jackknife and Boostrapping,
  • Confirmatory and exploratory factor analysis
  • Survey development and reliability/validity testing of existing surveys
  • Optimization methods such as linear and nonlinear programming
  • All statistical software packages including R, SAS, SPSS, Matlab, Maple, SPLUS, LISREL